A brief history about me

My name is Arthur Loh. Currently pursuing Computer Science in TARUC, KL. I started to get really passionate about art and creative production back in 2015. Needless to say, I was very foreign to photography to even being with as none of my family members were into it. However, I was blessed to crossed path with so many young aspiring photographer and artistic friends that introduced me to photography and art in general. Their humbleness and generosity has brought huge impact to my photography journey.





Post Production

Goals and ambitions

Being able to discover my own style of taking pictures and hone my creativity is always my ultimate goal.

I see this website as an opportunity of learning and creating. With this unique platform, I will not only continue expand and create, but also spread positivity to people around me. This website gives me the ultimate purpose to continue pursuing this passion in photography.

Ideas are easy, execution are EVERYTHING. -Casey Neistat

Do not let the idea of being perfect stop you from creating. -Macklemore