Humble Beginning To Timeless Quality


Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul

Founded by Mr. Tan Teik Fuang. He learnt preparing and selling Chendul in Penang Road since 1936. The very stall is still standing and operating till this very day. Filled with loyal customers and tourist every single day. A business that has such remarkable history definitely drew lots of attention. Such success story proved to us youngsters that business is not only about making money. It’s about creating a legacy. A legacy that can be pass down and enjoyed by all generations.


Warm Love


We never really appreciate family love until we have been away for awhile.

Guilt fills up my heart little by little as day passes by.

I question myself everyday,

“I’m taking my family love for granted, aren’t I?”

It’s easy to lose myself when I’m so far away from home. A home that filled with nothing but love.

Starbucks By The Beach


The famous Starbucks located by Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang.

One of a kind experience hanging out and chilling here.

City hipster vibe and beach vacation mood. Both infused together very naturally. Odd but interesting.

Literally few step from cold tile city floor to hot beach sand.

Everybody seems to be enjoying here tho.

Summer Time


Get up get up it’s summer time

Gettin’ ripped ain’t gonna cost you a dime.

Pull up pull up you’re not gonna die

All these “likes” is gonna worth the grinde.

Look up look up don’t you fear the height

Gotta show up every day for the money fight.

A fight that’s gonna last all night.

A Reason To Wake Up


Why do you wake up every morning?

To attend class? To work? Or to actually live life to the fullest?

Are you waking up because you have to?

Or because you want to?

Legend says, once you can wake up every morning with peace, joy and enthusiasms,

You’ve win in life.