Warm Love


We never really appreciate family love until we have been away for awhile.

Guilt fills up my heart little by little as day passes by.

I question myself everyday,

“I’m taking my family love for granted, aren’t I?”

It’s easy to lose myself when I’m so far away from home. A home that filled with nothing but love.


A Reason To Wake Up


Why do you wake up every morning?

To attend class? To work? Or to actually live life to the fullest?

Are you waking up because you have to?

Or because you want to?

Legend says, once you can wake up every morning with peace, joy and enthusiasms,

You’ve win in life.

Street Art Meets Street Photography


There’s something about street art that fascinates me.

I’ve come into realization that these wonderful creative art posses so many emotions. Emotions that reveals countless stories that could be told.

That’s not the part it fascinates me.

What really fascinates me is all these street art has the potential to transmit different emotions to different people. And because of that, it tells to a total different story to everyone. A story that is very unique to each and every one of us.

I call that IMAGINATION.

Suffocated By Negativity


I can’t see can’t breath

Walking straight into concrete.

War, hate and contradictory

Peace, love and positivity

Mofos gotta choose either to run your city.

Complain and despise is on their list.

What the fuck is that piece of shit.

Rock my Ray-Ban shades and count to three

A glass half full is all I see.

Vroom Vroom


The old man closed his eyes and smiled. His mind brought him straight back to his 20s. The period of time where people laughed at him for pursuing his dream. People doubted him.

“What are you thinking about, grandpa?” his granddaughter stood beside him and asked.

The old man opened his eyes and look directly into her granddaughter’s innocent eyes.

“Nothing, honey.”

“Let’s go for a ride, grandpa!”

The old man nodded and smiled. The little girl hopped on his 1998 Harley Davidson excitedly while the old man inserted his key and started the engine.


“Never give up on your dream, honey.” said the old man.

“huh?” said the little girl.

“Nothing.” The old man grin at her granddaughter as she smiled back too.


“Keep It To Yourself”


Bobby grew up as a emotional child. He always has been. He felt many emotions every now and then. Be it happy, sad, excited, depressed or anxious. But he was told to keep it to himself instead of expressing it out.

“Be a man and deal with it”


“You’re overthinking. Snap out of it”


He describe his emotion as a beast. A huge uncontrollable beast sleeping deep down inside him. It’s only a matter of time for the beast to be awaken again.