Humble Beginning To Timeless Quality

2017-05-20 Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul Founded by Mr. Tan Teik Fuang. He learnt preparing and selling Chendul in Penang Road since 1936. The very stall is still standing and operating till this very day. Filled with loyal customers and tourist every single day. A business that has such remarkable history definitely drew lots of…

Sunrise Over The Horizon

2017-05-20 New day New vibe New hope New dream New life New everything So now, tell me. What’s your excuse?

Starbucks By The Beach

2017-05-19 The famous Starbucks located by Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang. One of a kind experience hanging out and chilling here. City hipster vibe and beach vacation mood. Both infused together very naturally. Odd but interesting. Literally few step from cold tile city floor to hot beach sand. Everybody seems to be enjoying here tho.

The Colour In Life

2017-05-19 Letting go. Let it fly Fly high in the sky. Showing off. Show what you’re made out of Be proud of the colour of your life.

Summer Time

2017-05-19 Get up get up it’s summer time Gettin’ ripped ain’t gonna cost you a dime. Pull up pull up you’re not gonna die All these “likes” is gonna worth the grinde. Look up look up don’t you fear the height Gotta show up every day for the money fight. A fight that’s gonna last…

White And Clean And Luxury

2017-05-19 The color white represent clarity, sharpness, positivity and peace. Once we have the color “white”, we will possess luxury.

A Bridge That Light Up The Sky

2017-05-18 This bridge carries many happy family. Family rejoice every night with the light. The light that light up the city sky every night.

Mixed in Culture

2017-05-18. English Chinese Malay Indian. One stop cultural shock. Incredible.

City Boy

2017-04-18. Just a city boy under dazzling stars. Watching out from coming cars.

Eye opening

201-03-20. The architecture in temple are stunningly amazing.

Seeing through

2017-03-13. Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower being as majestic as always.