Aunty Who Forgives

2017-05-18 “I was touched by the “devil” from hell. “Devil” that has ruined many lives.” Thus, a scar on her bottom. A scar no one can see from the outside but cannot be hide either. Forgiveness is the only way to treat the “scar”. “I pray for the “devil” to have peace from his guilt.”…

White And Clean And Luxury

2017-05-19 The color white represent clarity, sharpness, positivity and peace. Once we have the color “white”, we will possess luxury.

A Bridge That Light Up The Sky

2017-05-18 This bridge carries many happy family. Family rejoice every night with the light. The light that light up the city sky every night.

Mixed in Culture

2017-05-18. English Chinese Malay Indian. One stop cultural shock. Incredible.

The Human’s Discover

2017-05-18. He strolled down the street. Thinking where life is heading. Keeping his head low and spirit high. Hopping for the best while things ain’t right. “Discover life. Fight and earn it for yourself.” he whispered.

Tan Sri

2017-05-18. Tan Sri Chee Li Jia. Philanthropist. Founder of Chee Industry Sdn Bhd. Net worth: 3.78 Million Ringgit Malaysia.

Conversation Between the Human and the Cat

Human: “What’s happiness, cat?” Cat: “Happiness is  chillin’ at the middle of the street licking my ass bruh. ” Human: “That deep bruh” Cat: “That’s what she said.” Human & Cat: “AYYYYYYYYYYY~”

City Boy

2017-04-18. Just a city boy under dazzling stars. Watching out from coming cars.

Eye opening

201-03-20. The architecture in temple are stunningly amazing.

Worthy or nah?

2017-03-20. Dragon resembles power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.